So what’s up with this?

Simply put:  after years of writing reviews on Goodreads, I found myself wanting a kind of fresh start.  My GR account is cluttered with a lot of opinions I can no longer stand behind, and with reviews that are, frankly, poorly written.  Additionally, a blog gives me the chance to do a wider variety of things that interest me – co-written reviews, reflections on general trends in media, discussing TV shows and movies, lists of recommendations, etc.

This is in part a personal exercise, but I hope if you’ve stumbled across it that it proves useful and/or entertaining to you.

Regarding the sidebar list:

As a reader/viewer, I have an interest in consuming and promoting diverse media.  However, as a reviewer, I find this can prove to be unsteady ground: often, because I’m not part of a community, I may be oblivious to shallow, stereotyped, or downright insulting representation of it in the things I review.  It is my belief that in order for my reviews to be worthwhile, people who read them should understand the cultural factors shaping my perspective, which can lead to blind spots or fixations on particular aspects.

I endeavor to write reviews with sensitivity and respect, but I am aware that, like anyone else, I will not always be successful.  When this happens, I encourage anyone who notices it to contact me and let me know, and I will endeavor to correct the problem.

This blog will include:

  • Book reviews:  While I review everything I read, not everything will end up here.  Books that I feel particularly strongly about, or which I feel raise topics I want to discuss at length, will be reviewed here.  So will certain re-reading projects, as I revisit books I read as a child to see how I feel about them years later.  Anything co-reviewed with another person will also be here.  All other book reviews may still be found on Goodreads.
  • Movie reviews:  I don’t anticipate writing many of these, but they may crop up from time to time for the right films.
  • TV show reflections:  Similar to re-reading projects mentioned above, I intend to go back to at least two television shows that were influential to me and take another look at them, episode by episode.  This will be very limited, as I don’t feel I can give a thoughtful review of something without knowing the overarching plot: that means no reviews of currently airing shows, or of anything I haven’t watched once already.
  • Chapter-by-chapter liveblogs:  For a few very specific cases – a complete reread of Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere works; a first read of Patrick Rothfuss’s The Name of the Wind; and possibly one or two carefully selected others.
  • Guest posts:  Most likely limited to posts by close friends, including my girlfriend.

This blog will NOT include:

  • Hatereading:  I used to do this when I first joined Goodreads, because it was kind of in vogue at the time, but now I look back on that as one of the most useless ways I could have spent my time.  The reviews that I produced are cringe-worthy, and trying to gain popularity and attention by being cynical and nasty is not how I want to live my life.
  • Requested reviews:  As I mentioned, this is largely a personal exercise; I’m going to read/watch whatever I’m going to read/watch.  In particular, I will not do chaptered liveblogs on request.  HOWEVER, if you are interested in asking for my thoughts/opinion on a particular topic, I may do that; it depends on how much time I have available, and how much I feel I have to offer on the subject.
  • Fandom content:  I do write fanfic, but it doesn’t go here.
  • Original writing:  Again, something I do, but not relevant to this blog.